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guided meditation:  Body Scan (30 min.)
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guided meditation:  Breath Awareness (30 min.)
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guided meditation:  Compassion (30 min.)
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guided meditation:  Choiceless Awareness (30 min.)
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guided meditation:  Exercise (30 min.)
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We are all natively whole, naturally aware and creative in response to life’s unfolding, but due to our history of slights, traumas and survival, we tend to be limited, fear-based and habitual in our responses, therefore demonstrating as more distracted and not aware. Our thoughts, impulses and behaviors become more and more compulsive because habits tend to repeat.  Over time this conditioning makes us robotic and numb to our innate wholeness, awareness and creativity wherein they become invisible (but not forgotten) to ourselves as resources.

Because our native condition is complete, lacking nothing, the situation is workable and hopeful however. We can do something about this robotic orientation by initiating new habits of awareness and presence and, therefore, creativity.  With effort and acceptance, we can cultivate greater presence and creativity thereby discovering and creating life anew more and more, as life unfolds. 

CAUTION: these Mindfulness Meditation classes are not a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment including Psychiatric and/or Psychotherapy. 
Please check with your Medical Doctor and/or Psychotherapist to see if they are right for you.

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