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William Miller MSW LCSW has been formally engaging the meditative path for 28 years in classical mindfulness training settings and also with non-traditional paths which include the integration of knowledge east and west. Besides an ongoing meditation practice, he has taken many retreats over the years from one day to six months in formal retreat settings in order to deepen and further his study of mindfulness and embodied consciousness. 
He continues to study formally and is a formal member of Trillium Awakening Teachers Assoc. 

He has participated in The Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) 8 week class and in 2010 at The Omega Institute, participated in and completed a retreat taught by Jon Kabat-Zinn PHD (founder) with his partner Saki Santorelli Ed.D., designed for professionals who want to bring the power of mindfulness into community based settings. 


Mr. Miller is a Masters Level, Clinical Social Worker working in New York City. He has worked in a clinical capacity for 26 years always with culturally diverse client populations whom have struggled with a variety of life problems such as: psychiatric, family, stress, substance abuse, homelessness, work related and terminal illness. He has done individual and family psychotherapy as well as many psycho-educational groups.

He lives in New Jersey.

Meditation classes as well as individual work are done locally in Northern New Jersey.  For a complete schedule see the Events/Services page of this web site.

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