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Welcome.  I invite you to consider Mindfulness or Conscious Awareness, the ancient and modern solution to human regret and fear, as your own possibility amidst the circumstances of your life right now.

Mindfulness has been around in all cultures for thousands of years to address regret, sorrow, worry and fear. Human culture and life overall has changed profoundly on planet earth over all these years, but the immense power of mindfulness to transform suffering has not missed a step. 

As it turns out being mindfully aware is a native capacity inherent to our humanity. It proves itself to be a surprisingly effective antidote to the overwhelming stress that we find ourselves even today, as long as we are willing to explore and develop our own capacity for it. While it may be native to us, typically we are sorely in need of exercising these muscles. Increased awareness allows us to see more options and therefore make choices which better nourish our own lives as well as the lives of those around us.  This was true for cave dwellers then as it is for us internet dwellers now.


 MISSION:  Along with mindfulness, the potent ally that is native to each of us, I intend to facilitate growth in individuals, groups and culture, so that there will be more awareness of and presence for the precious moments of life.  I intend to bring conscious awareness, as I continue to discover and cultivate in my own experience to the lives of others to transform culture so that the human ailments that I mentioned above do not rule the course of our ever changing and evolving human circumstance.

“Of all the meditative wisdom practices that have developed in traditional cultures throughout the world and throughout history, mindfulness is perhaps the most basic, the most powerful, the most universal, among the easiest to grasp and engage in and arguably, the most sorely, needed now. For mindfulness is none other than the capacity we all already have to know what is actually happening as it is happening.” 
Jon Kabat-Zinn
PHD.  Coming To Our Senses, Healing Ourselves and The World Through Mindfulness. Hyperion: 2005